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Nature walks by the forest trails have become popular with visitors to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. This ancient rain forest is a UNESCO accredited world heritage site; besides Gorilla trekking it’s also perfect for Birders and Nature enthusiasts. More so as walk by the forest trails, you will be guided by a safari guide who will lead you through and help you to look at and feel the nature.

Buhoma/Nkuringo Nature Walks

The Muzabajirro trail offers breathe taking views of Bwindi Forest, Western Rift Valley and the Virungas. On the way, you witness hundreds of pre-historic tree ferns. The top of this trail is a splendid place for a picnic lunch. Its

The Ruizi river trail is the longest in nature walks and takes a full day recommended for bird watchers. This can be done in a 4-wheel drive through Ruhija. Tourists can also do a hike to the Mubwindi swamp.

The bamboo trail: The Bamboo trail offers 14 vegetation types and is one of the areas of highest diversity in the park. At the top of this trail, you witness scenic views encompassing Lake Bunyonyi and Mafuga Forest.

The Munyanga river trail is an ideal short nature walk for visitors with little time to spare. You can observe birds and primates of the forest edge. The popular waterfall trail provides a beautiful feature of the forest with a plethora of tree ferns, epithetic ferns, orchids and Bwindi’s colorful array of butterflies. This trail leads to 3 delightful crystal-clear waterfalls. It starts at the end of Buhoma road, at the forest edge and follows Bizenge vreek until it joins the Munyaga River.

The Rushurra trail which commands open views across the western rift valley floor to the west, Congo’s ParcNationale des Virungas provides a spectacular backdrop, and on a clear day the Rwenzori Mountain and Lake Edward are visible. It takes u to Rushura hill (1915m), highest point around Buhoma.


Rushaga Side Nature Walks

Kajembehajambe Trail

The gate offers two nature walk trails and one waterfall trail (about 4 hours). The birding trail takes 6 hours.


Ruhija side Walks

Bamboo Trail

Arduous and takes around six hours. It’s located at the highest part of the park called Rwamun-yonyi (2607m) starting along Kabale-Ruhija road and scenic views of bamboo zone can be viewed. It heads to the east edge of the forest where the Mafuga Forest reserve can be viewed, as well as Lake Bunyonyi and Ikumba area.

Guest House Trail

Begins across the road from the Institute of Tropical Forest Conservation Guest House at Ruhija and is a circuit that passes through the forest and circles a small hill with a view of the forest boundary.