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Facts About Bird Watching in Uganda

bird watching

Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind clears the sky, snow is exciting, accordingly weather is conducive and birding is relaxing. Besides watching birds from your compound, back yard, garden, road side and so on; you can go out in the Wild with the help of a trained guide and have fun as you relax while looking at the beautiful birds.

Since 1997, Uganda attends a marketing event in the UK called the British Bird Watching Fair that attracts people from all over the world either to market their countries and birding destinations, or to buy a trip or birding gadgets like binoculars, telescopes, play back machines the list is long. Birding has grown to be one of the popular safaris in Uganda that there is no tour company that does not sell bird watching safari packages. Itineraries are designed to suit those who are starting in the activity as well as the expert birdwatchers in search for new or difficult species.

Bwindi is the Bird watchers haven particularly in Uganda holding upto 348 species of birds and contains 90% of all Albertine rift Endemics such as; the Rusty-faced woodland Warbler, Wilcock’s Honey-guide,Short-tailed Warbler, Bar-tailed Trogon, Gruer’s Rush Warbler, Yellow-eyed black Fly-catcher, Wilcock’s Honey-guide,Kivu Ground Thrush, x White-tailed Blue Monarch among others, hard or not possible to see in any other part of East Africa.

Over 100 species can be watched by birders in a day. Bwindi Impenetrable Rain Forest Park certainly is the birder watchers dream place for variety. If you happen to be an experienced/ expert bird watcher you can identify over 100 species here. However visitors at Rushaga section of Bwindi Impentrable National Park during their nature walks by kajembehajambe trail, can do birding for about 6 hours.